Keeping Our Feet Out of Our Mouths With the Help and Sincerity of Our Clients

Although we can go on all day on how awesome and skillful we are, we believe our praise is best left to those we have helped. Come read how our patients feel about us and their treatments in order to get better understanding of how we work and heal.

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  • My big toe is more in alignment and the horrible bunion is gone.

    I am writing to you today because I am so thankful for the great work Atlantic Foot & Ankle did to repair the bunion on my left foot.  I am 6 weeks post-op and am very pleased with my results at this point. My big toe is more in alignment and the horrible bunion is gone. I have some swelling but that is to be expected, I can't wait to see it in a few months, because it looks so good now! The most notable part of my experience was the lack of extreme pain. I was expecting to have severe pain, thanks to horror stories from friends who went to another doctor, but was pleasantly surprised to only need Tylenol by the third day, post-op. And I must say, the incision is beautiful, as good as any plastic surgeon could do! I will be able to wear sandles and no one will notice the scar!  Please pass my comments on to physicians and I will be happy to talk to any future patients who are considering this surgery.

    Ashley Koontz