Sports Injuries at Atlantic Foot & Ankle

Sports injury prevention and treatmentThe old Simon and Garfunkel song “There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” could easily apply to sports injuries. There are many more than 50 ways to hurt your feet ankles during play! Just run on the track, Jack, or kick with your toe, Joe. Athletes slip on the turf, land hard on the court, twist on the course, slide on the diamond, and slam into each other on the field. It’s a wonder that any of us escape without hurting something.

The Pain of a Sprain

When the ligaments in your ankle are pulled or twisted beyond their normal limits, they can stretch or tear. The ankle becomes unstable because it’s unable to support the joint. Sprains are usually accompanied by swelling, bruising, pain, and the inability to bear weight. They need rest and some sort of wrapping or bracing to keep the joint stable until it recovers. You may also need physical therapy and exercise to regain normal strength and range of motion. Don’t play around with a sprain. Resuming activity before it is properly healed can condemn you to a lifetime of chronic ankle problems.

Tending Achilles Tendon Issues

Your Achilles is the strongest tendon in your body, but that doesn’t make it immune to injury. In fact, overuse injuries are quite common. Repeated trauma like running, jumping, and twisting causes wear and tear on the tendon. This can result in inflammation, swelling, small tears, or complete ruptures. There are some things you can do at home to relieve symptoms, such as the RICE method of Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation. More serious injuries require medical care to heal properly, however, and ruptured tendons may require surgery. 

Identifying Fractures

Broken foot or ankle bones, whether they are small stress fractures or complete breaks, can be very painful. They can result from overuse, impact, or trauma. A stress fracture may not have visible symptoms, but they all involve swelling, bruising, and pain. More serious fractures may look out of place or bent, and you may experience tingling or numbness if the nerves are affected. All fractures need professional medical care for a correct diagnosis. This way, the proper treatment can be applied to aid in the recovery process.

And Many More…

Foot and ankle sports injuries include plantar fasciitis, sesamoiditisturf toe, Morton’s neuroma, Sever’s disease, and many others. Any time you get hurt, you should stop playing. If you try to tough it out, you can do even more damage to your lower limbs. Follow guidelines for conditioning, training, warm up, cool down, and stretching to get your body in the best shape to avoid injury.

If you get hurt, contact Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates right away. Our expert podiatrists treat sports injuries on a daily basis with specific diagnoses and treatments for your particular situation. We have digital X-rays available right in our office and offer treatment within 24 hours (48 on weekends) for any acute injury.

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