Custom Made 3D Orthotics

You don’t need to be of a certain age to appreciate the old Beatles’ song “Help!” It talks about growing older, feeling insecure, and realizing you sometimes need somebody to help you through. If you suffer from foot problems, some of the lyrics are very apt, like “Help me get my feet back on the ground.” Custom orthotics may be able to help you do just that.


custom orthoticsThere are many foot conditions that can keep your feet off of the ground, including shin splints, tendonitis, diabetic ulcers, and heel pain. When your tendons, ligaments, and muscles are damaged or weak, they may not support your feet properly. Compromised foot structures often result in pain, especially when you put weight on your feet, so sometimes it is just easier to stay off of them. However, this not only limits the activities you can enjoy, it also means you aren’t able to get the exercise you need for weight control and general health. You need help!

I Need Somebody

You need the experts at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates to take a look at your feet and determine what is causing your pain. We want to rule out something serious like a fracture or ruptured tendon, so we may use imaging tests to help in our diagnosis. Fortunately, we can do digital X-rays right in our office, saving you a trip.

We will also examine your foot and walking gait, and ask about medical history, symptoms, and activities that bring on the pain. Once we have figured out what is going on, we can find the right solution to address the problem. For many foot conditions, custom orthotics are amazingly effective at reducing discomfort and getting you back into action again, whether that is working out at the senior center or playing high school sports.

Not Just Anybody…Or Anything

Over-the-counter inserts may be a remedy to try for minor foot issues. A good cushioned insert could be enough to get you through an evening on the town in heels, for example. A heel cup might be enough to prevent blisters from a hard shoe that is rubbing your heel bone. You could also try a generic arch support as an inexpensive test to see whether a custom orthotic might help you.

For your specific foot problem, however, you want a specific treatment. A custom orthotic is just that—customized for your particular situation. They can only be gotten with a prescription, and are designed not just to fit your foot shape, but also to address your unique issues. Whether it is heel pain from plantar fasciitis or knee pain from foot imbalances when you walk or run, they can be very effective remedies. There are two basic types: accommodative, which means they provide extra cushioning for diabetic foot sores, corns or calluses, of loss of fat pads on the heel or ball of foot; or functional, which can correct overpronation from flat feet or faulty mechanics that pull on your Achilles tendon.

Won’t You Please Help Me?

Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates will be glad to help you! We have the equipment and expertise to design custom orthotics to fit your feet and bring you relief. We also have five convenient locations in east central Florida. Call one of our offices below and let us put our years of experience to work for you. Remember, for acute injuries we will treat you within 24 hours (48 on the weekend) to get you relief fast while saving you a trip to the ER. Call today!