Foot and Ankle Surgery Can Bring You Relief

No one likes to think about having surgery. It implies something is seriously wrong, and there are risks involved. Have you put off going to the podiatrist because of denial, fear, or just because you are busy? The good news is, most of the time foot pain can be resolved without surgical intervention. Just be thankful that when foot and ankle surgery is needed there are experts like the specialists at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates to help us through every step of the process.

Why Do I Need Surgery on My Feet?

foot surgeryThere are several foot conditions that may require surgical procedures, although they are usually seen as a last resort when other methods fail to bring relief. We will examine you carefully and use tests like X-rays or MRIs to determine the exact cause of your pain. Whether it is bunions, neuromas, heel pain, toenail problems, arthritis complications, or sports injuries that are slowing you down, we will help you choose the remedy that best fits your needs. If the condition is severe, or you’ve tried conservative methods without success, we will consider the surgical option. Blood tests, urinalysis, and checking your circulation will help us to ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Common Surgical Procedures for Ailing Feet

The following foot and ankle surgeries are among those we perform when conservative treatments don’t address the problem:

  • Bunion surgery (there are over 100 specific procedures)
  • Achilles tendon repair (if the tendon is completely torn)
  • Stabilizing severe ankle or heel fractures (pinning, plating, fusing)
  • Lisfranc & midfoot fractures (realigning the bones)
  • Treating difficult ingrown toenails for fungal nails
  • Correcting hammertoes, claw toes, mallet toes
  • Correcting a severe clubfoot deformity or tarsal coalition
  • Ankle fusion (for severe misalignment of bones)
  • Joint replacement (for degenerated bones)

We will always explain your foot condition to you in detail and help you decide whether surgery is the best option for you.

Surgery Means Time to Recover

Any foot and ankle surgery—from treating ingrown toenails to joint replacement—will involve some down time to fully heal. Some procedures will require casts, braces or protective boots; others will mean using crutches, a walker, or a cane; and some will only require splints or bandages, rest, and icing and pain relievers to address swelling and pain. We will let you know when you can safely put weight on the affected area again. Don’t rush back to your normal activities too soon. Your best chance for success is to follow all instructions carefully and be patient.

If you have injured your foot or deal with chronic or debilitating pain that other remedies has not relieved, call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates today: Daytona Beach at (386) 274-3336, Ormond Beach at (386) 673-2266, Port Orange at (386) 788-6333, Orange City at (386) 775-2281, or Palm Coast at (386) 586-7373. You can also request an appointment online. Don’t let your fear of surgery have you living with pain. Get help today!