Compassion and Skill in All Areas of Foot Care

We strive to make sure all aspects of your pain and discomfort are addressed. That’s why we have taken the time and pains to learn everything we can about foot and ankle injuries, ailments, and treatment techniques. We understand that one type of treatment may not work for everyone, so we hone our skills to encompass a broad range of techniques and solutions for your individual care. Come see how we can help you no matter what is plaguing your feet and ankles.

Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction

Heel Pain

What’s more important to you: following the latest shoe styles or having no pain in your heels? That may not be a fair question, because there are stylish shoes that still give you the support you need to avoid problems, but you may not be choosing them. Before you go out and fill your shoe racks with the latest decorated flip-flop styles, consider this: doctors are seeing increased heel pain in 15 to 25-year-olds since these flimsy sandals became their go-to choice for daily wear.

Sports Injuries

Many sports are hard on the feet because of quick repetitive movements, constricting footwear, and/or increased exposure to injury or trauma. Following is a brief overview of some of the most common injuries that result from particular sports.

Foot and Ankle Trauma

You may feel as young as you always have, but sometimes your body can betray you. While staying active has health benefits as you age, that activity also comes with risks. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that doctors have seen an increase of ankle fractures over the last few decades, and they attribute it in part to a more active older population. Broken ankles that don’t heal properly are one reason you could develop a related disorder such as arthritis. If you happen to injure your feet, make sure you get thorough care.

Toenail Fungus

You’ve probably been ignoring them or covering them up with bright nail polish, but those embarrassing toenails could have a problem that’s difficult to treat, and the sooner you get started the better! If your nails have yellow or white streaks or dark patches in them, or if they are thick, ragged or crumbly, chances are you’ve picked up a toenail fungus that is wreaking havoc under your nail. Don’t worry, it’s not a life-threatening condition, but don’t delay either, because this pesky problem won’t go away on its own.

Diabetic Foot Care and Diabetic Wounds

Dealing with the pokes and strips and monitors is bad enough, but add to that a series of foot problems that make it hard to wear shoes or walk around, and your diabetes can really complicate your life. At Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates on Florida’s East Coast, we want to help you maintain and enjoy your normal activities, so we offer these do’s and don’ts of diabetic foot care to put you on the right track.

Nerve-Related Foot Problems

A neuroma is an enlarged, benign growth of nerves, most commonly between the third and fourth toes. Neuromas are caused by tissue rubbing against and irritating the nerves. Pressure from poorly fitting shoes or an abnormal bone structure can also lead to this condition. Symptoms may include sensations of thickness, burning, numbness, tingling, or pain in the ball of the foot.Treatments generally include wearing corrective shoes or orthotics and/or cortisone injections. In severe cases, surgical removal of the growth may be necessary.


No one likes to think about having surgery. It implies something is seriously wrong, and there are risks involved. Have you put off going to the podiatrist because of denial, fear, or just because you are busy? The good news is, most of the time foot pain can be resolved without surgical intervention. Just be thankful that when foot and ankle surgery is needed there are experts like the specialists at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates to help us through every step of the process.

Comprehensive Footwear Diagnostics

You don’t need to be of a certain age to appreciate the old Beatles’ song “Help!” It talks about growing older, feeling insecure, and realizing you sometimes need somebody to help you through. If you suffer from foot problems, some of the lyrics are very apt, like “Help me get my feet back on the ground.” Custom orthotics may be able to help you do just that.