New Neuropathy Treatment Offers Relief from Your Pain

  You may not understand electronics, but you definitely understand what happens if you accidentally make contact with a live wire or pull a synthetic sweater over your head and hear the crackling as it makes your hair stand on end. In these moments, your body short circuits the usual path of the current, and you end up with bursts of pain. When your body’s “electrical” system malfunctions because of nerve damage, you are looking for any kind of neuropathy treatment that will take away the discomfort. We offer hope with a new method that is showing surprising results.

Neuropathy’s Negative Energy and What Causes It

Pain is usually considered your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, but when your nerves are damaged and start to send faulty signals, they can indicate pain when there is no real reason. These are often sharp, shooting pains that make you twitch or gasp, not a constant ache.

Many conditions can damage your nerves: strokes, MS, kidney or liver problems, poor circulation, even plantar fasciitis or pinched nerves. Think of the pins and needles feeling you get when stand after sitting in a way that causes a nerve in your leg or foot to go numb. All that electric current comes rushing back, and you can hardly stand it until it balances out and your nerves return to normal function. Unfortunately, when they are damaged, normal function may not return—you just continue getting the painful sensations.

Diabetes: a Magnet for Neuropathy

As diabetes reaches epic proportions, more and more people are suffering the painful effects of peripheral neuropathy. This is because lack of insulin production causes an inability of your body to process simple sugars, leading to high glucose levels in the blood. These high sugar levels can harm bones, tissues, and your nerves, which are then unable to function as they should. They may also cause your blood vessels to shrink, impeding blood flow, healing, and causing pain.

That’s why the best neuropathy treatment is to strictly control your blood sugar so it remains in the normal range. Even if you already have some symptoms of nerve damage, keeping the glucose level under control will prevent further damage and give treatments a better chance to work.

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy often appear first in your feet and legs, which is why podiatric experts like those at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates are well qualified to treat this condition: we understand this part of your body very well.

Neurogenx Treatment: A Positive Flow of Healing

For problems with a specific nerve entrapment, the condition that puts pressure on the nerve may respond positively to a change in your habits (don’t cross your legs while sitting, don’t lean on your elbow, etc.) or surgery to remove what’s pressing on the nerve.

Treatment for diabetic neuropathy, however, has often involved taking one or more medications to relieve pain or interrupt your body’s natural nerve responses. Many of these can have side effects or involve opioids that you might want to steer clear of. That’s where Neurogenx treatment has the advantage.

Using this combination of analgesic (pain-relieving) blocs on the affected nerves and high frequency electrical stimulation to promote nerve healing, this neuropathy treatment is safer for you and is highly effective. The treatment has been approved by the FDA, and our staff is specially trained in the protocol to use this new technology to relieve your pain.

If you suffer from the sharp, shooting pains of neuropathy in your feet and legs, call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates for an appointment today. You can reach us at the numbers below. The earlier you come in, the better the prognosis. We offer hope that your neuropathic pain may finally be a thing of the past.