Foot Facts and Care Instructions to Put the Pep Back in Your Step

All of our podiatrists have at least eight years’ worth of experience and insight in foot and ankle care—some have over 20. With this knowledge comes great responsibility to teach others how to properly care for their feet. At Atlantic Foot and Ankle, we take this responsibility seriously. Come see and learn how our knowledge can benefit you, your children, and your family by showing you how to properly care and treat your feet all year round.

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  • Turf Toe Explained The joint between your first metatarsal and great toe, is quite susceptible to damage with certain activities. Turf toe – a sprain of the tissues around that joint – is a common problem.
  • Running Injuries Every time your foot hits the ground during your stride, that force is bounced right back to your feet and legs. The law helps to explain why running injuries are so common.