When Will my Toenail Fungus Go Away?

If you don’t treat toenail fungus, it won’t just go away, and it will probably get worse. It festers under your nail, causes it to turn yellow and thick, and eventually can make it disintegrate or separate from the nail bed.

There are topical treatments to use in cream, lotion, or polish form. These may work if the fungus hasn’t settled deeply under the nail, but they need to be applied faithfully for weeks or months—as long as it takes for the new nail to grow out.

Oral medications are the most proven method, but they also can take months and come with risk of liver problems. You need to be tested periodically to make sure liver function has not been impaired.

At Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Florida, we offer laser treatment for fungal toenails. It focuses concentrated laser beams at the level of the fungus that heat it up and destroy it without damaging surrounding tissue. It’s a simple, painless treatment, free of known side effects, and may be the answer to your embarrassing toenails. Call our Daytona Beach office at (386) 274-3336 or one of our other locations to find out more.