What should I look for when buying shoes for children?

Buying shoes for children can be difficult. You want something that is cute and easy to put on and take off, but do you know the three main characteristics of a good shoe for kids? They are:Shoes for children

  • The shoe bends under the forefoot where your child’s toes bend.
  • It does NOT bend or twist at the shank—the part that goes under your child’s arch in the middle of the foot.
  • The heel is firm and does not collapse when you pinch it on the sides.

Other shopping hints are to take your child along and have them try on the shoe. Have feet measured each time, as kids’ feet change quickly, and fit to the bigger foot. Ask them if the shoes pinch or rub anywhere, or your child will constantly be kicking them off and running barefoot because they irritate his or her feet. Check current shoes for wear patterns that may give you (or a trained salesperson) clues about what styles might be best for your kid’s feet.

Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates can tell you if your child has any special foot characteristics to work around. Even better, we have our own store at our Palm Coast location! You can reach The Right Fit Shoe Store at (386) 313-5953 for more information.