What’s the difference between a bunion and bunionette?

A bunion and a bunionette are two forms of the same problem: bones in your toe joints that become misaligned. The first occurs in the MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joint where your big toe joins the foot, and the second in that same joint of the littlest toe. The toe leans toward its neighbor, and the joint moves in the opposite direction, causing it to bump out at the side of your foot.

The location and toe involved are the main differences. In other aspects these deformities are very similar. Both are caused by pressure on the toes that moves them out of position. This is usually the result of biomechanical issues—the way your foot bones move while walking and running. The condition is aggravated by shoes that are too tight or pinch you toes so they are unable to move normally with your steps.

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