What is turf toe?

If your big toe is sprained by being pushed too far back, the injury is called turf toe. That’s because incidents of this type of sprain increased when athletes began playing on artificial turf. Cleats become stuck and don’t let the big toe spring up as you push off for a step, thereby hyperextending it. The surface is harder than grass, too, so it doesn’t give as much when landing on it, which increases trauma to the big toe joint.

With this sprain, the ligaments stretch too far or tear, causing instability, swelling, pain and stiffness in the big toe when you try to bend it. It is important to have an injury like this examined in our office, to make sure there is no fracture. We offer treatment within 24 hours (48 on the weekend) so you can find relief fast, and have digital X-ray capability right in our offices so you don’t need to travel somewhere else for tests.

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