What does a podiatrist do?

A podiatrist has special medical training to diagnose and treat problems of the feet and ankles. We examine your feet, perform any tests needed, and talk with you about ways to treat your condition that fit your particular needs. We offer a wide variety of conservative and surgical remedies to relieve your foot pain. Within the broader podiatric field there are many specialties. Our office focuses on conditions such as pediatrics, diabetic foot care, sports injuries, and innovative therapies.  

For everything from an ingrown toenail to chronic heel pain, podiatrists like our experts at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Florida are the best qualified to correctly identify what is causing your foot problem. Call our offices at the following numbers: Daytona Beach: (386) 274-3336, Port Orange: (386) 788-6333, Palm Coast: (386) 586-7373, Orange City: (386) 775-2281, and Edgewater: (386) 957-4818 and kick your foot pain out the door.