What are the symptoms of tendonitis?

Tendonitis is the condition when one of the bands of tissue that connect muscle to bone becomes inflamed. Typical symptoms of tendonitis include pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and weakness.

The pain can be a muted aching, or a sharp, intense stabbing, and it is also described as burning pain that radiates to various surrounding areas. The tendon can stiffen up as it cools down, which makes it difficult to move properly. Swollen tissue can also feel stiff, as there is not enough room or flexibility for it to move freely. Whereas pain often occurs when you try to move, tenderness can also be felt when you press on the damaged tendon. If there is weakness, it is possible the tendon has been torn, as well as being inflamed.

Remember to condition muscles and tendons, and use stretching to avoid problems with tendinitis. When you notice redness, warmth, or fever, don’t delay calling Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates to evaluate your condition. If you keep walking on damaged tendons, they will only get worse. Contact us at our Port Orange or Palm Coast offices—(386) 788-6333 or (386) 586-7373—or our three other Florida locations listed on our website.