How do I know if my shoes are fitting properly?

The easy answer to finding great shoes is to come in to Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates’ new shoe store at our Palm Coast, FL, office and let us fit you! We offer two shoe lines that are quality-crafted to give the support, roominess, and cushioning your busy feet need. We follow all the common-sense tips for properly fitting shoes:

  • Measuring your feet
  • Matching shoe size to the larger foot
  • Leaving space at the front
  • Choosing styles that are shaped like your foot and don’t pinch anywhere
  • Making sure they are wide enough for the ball of the foot to fit comfortably
  • Checking that your feet don’t slip on and off your heel when you walk
  • Choosing pairs with soft, flexible uppers, solid soles, adequate arch support, and low heels

Your part is trying them at home on carpeting for a couple of days to make sure there aren’t any problems. We believe that making sure you have good shoes is part of effective treatment for your foot issues. Come in to our Palm Coast, FL office today, or call (386) 586-7373 for an appointment, and let us keep your feet happy!