How do I get rid of shin splints?

Knowing how to get rid of shin splints means taking time to heal completely before getting back to your activities. We may not like taking a hiatus, but here’s what you need to do to help them heal: rest and stay off them, ice your shin every few hours the first few days to get rid of the pain, and follow our instructions for using anti-inflammatory pain killers.

As your shins begin to feel better, we may recommend range of motion exercises or physical therapy. It may help to use arch supports (a drug store type or those we custom design for you), or wear a neoprene sleeve to warm your leg and help support it.

When the injured leg feels as strong and flexible as your other one, and you can be active without pain, your shin splints are probably healed. If it’s been a few months and they are still painful, come in to Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates and let us take a look. Give our Port Orange office a call at (386) 788-6333 to set up an appointment, or check our website for other locations closer by.