How can I treat heel pain after a run?

To treat heel pain from plantar fasciitis (the most common cause) try these remedies after you run. Roll a golf ball under your arch to massage the area, then do the same with a frozen water bottle to reduce swelling and pain.

Whether you are running or just walking around the house, make sure you use proper footwear. Flat sandals or flip-flops do not give your arch enough support and can make it harder to recover from the condition. Your shoes should fit comfortably, support your particular arch style, and have enough cushioning to absorb the impact of your steps.

If proper shoes don’t offer enough relief, we can design custom orthotic inserts to help provide what your feet need. Call Atlantic Foot and Ankle Associates in Port Orange, FL, at (386) 788-6333, or in Edgewater at (386) 957-4818, for more information, or to get help for your heel pain.