How can I prevent athlete’s foot?

Because the itchy rash on your feet is caused by a fungus, the best way to prevent athlete’s foot is to keep them fungus free—easier said than done sometimes! Fungus love moist, warm, dark places—like sweaty feet inside your shoes—so whatever you can do to keep feet clean and dry will make things more inhospitable for them. Here’s what you do:

  • Dry feet well after your shower or water activities (blot with a towel between your toes, too)
  • Use cornstarch or talcum powder on your feet, and antifungal powder if you’ve had an infection
  • Wear shoes and socks that breathe and allow moisture escape
  • Change socks twice a day (or more) to remove dampness from your skin
  • Switch out shoes every day for a fresh pair that has dried for at least 24 hours since last wearing
  • Protect your feet from contact with damp public places (pools, showers, saunas) by wearing flip flops or sandals

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