Relieving Your Foot Care Stress and Concerns

When you’re feeling lousy or have inexplicable pain, not knowing the reason behind it can make the discomfort seem that much worse. However, before you fall into the paranoid well of online diagnosis, allow us—the professionals—the chance to answer your questions and relieve your concerns. Our extensive knowledge and experience with all types of foot-related problems not only can help you understand your pain, but also can convince you to get the proper treatment. Come see what we have to offer.

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  • Can you treat hammertoes?

    There are many treatments for hammertoes that will help relieve your pain. Start with shoe choice. Make sure the toe boxes are wide and high enough to accommodate the bent joint. Keep the heels fairly low, as well—2 inches or less works well. This keeps your foot from being shoved toward the front and cramping the toe in a bent-up position.

    You can buy donut pads that encircle the pointed joint and keep the pressure off from it. Metatarsal pads can also help with this if they are used correctly. You can use ice packs and gentle massage to reduce discomfort.  In the early stages, buddy taping or splinting may help keep the toes straight. We can teach you exercises to help loosen or strengthen opposing muscles, so they are able to hold your toe in a better position. In cases where other remedies don’t work, surgery may be the answer.

    Give Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates a call at one of our five Florida locations and set up an appointment for expert help with your painful toes.

  • What does a podiatrist do?

    A podiatrist has special medical training to diagnose and treat problems of the feet and ankles. We examine your feet, perform any tests needed, and talk with you about ways to treat your condition that fit your particular needs. We offer a wide variety of conservative and surgical remedies to relieve your foot pain. Within the broader podiatric field there are many specialties. Our office focuses on conditions such as pediatrics, diabetic foot care, sports injuries, and innovative therapies.  

    For everything from an ingrown toenail to chronic heel pain, podiatrists like our experts at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Florida are the best qualified to correctly identify what is causing your foot problem. Call our offices at the following numbers: Daytona Beach: (386) 274-3336, Port Orange: (386) 788-6333, Palm Coast: (386) 586-7373, Orange City: (386) 775-2281, and Edgewater: (386) 957-4818 and kick your foot pain out the door.

  • What should I expect during my first appointment?

    Your first appointment is our chance to get to know you and understand the foot health issues that concern you. It involves collecting all the new patient information we need to make sure your care and treatment go as smoothly as possible. We will ask about your medical history and any conditions that run in your family, as well as what activities you engage in and the specific problem that brings you to our office. We will also need basic data such as your address, emergency contact, and insurance coverage. Downloading and filling out the various forms before you come is very helpful, as it allows us more time to talk together when you come in. We recommend that you write down any questions you have about us, too. The friendly staff at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates looks forward to being part of your health care team!