Do I need bunion surgery?

You can probably manage your bunions without surgery. Most cases respond well to conservative treatments like choosing the right shoes, using the RICE treatment (Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation), or taking pain relievers under a doctor’s recommendation. At Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates our podiatrists treat this condition often. We can fit you for a custom orthotic that corrects problems in your gait—a remedy that has helped many of our patients. In fact, we don’t recommend bunion surgery unless unresolved pain issues make it difficult for you to function normally. If surgery is needed, we will walk you through every step of the way.

For bunion relief, call our Daytona Beach office at (386) 274-3336 or the Port Orange office at (386) 788-6333, or visit our website for other locations on Florida’s east coast. Digital X-rays are offered right in our office if needed, and we will be pleased to give you expert care for all your foot problems.