Relieving Your Foot Care Stress and Concerns

When you’re feeling lousy or have inexplicable pain, not knowing the reason behind it can make the discomfort seem that much worse. However, before you fall into the paranoid well of online diagnosis, allow us—the professionals—the chance to answer your questions and relieve your concerns. Our extensive knowledge and experience with all types of foot-related problems not only can help you understand your pain, but also can convince you to get the proper treatment. Come see what we have to offer.

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  • What should I look for when buying shoes for children?

    Buying shoes for children can be difficult. You want something that is cute and easy to put on and take off, but do you know the three main characteristics of a good shoe for kids? They are:Shoes for children

    • The shoe bends under the forefoot where your child’s toes bend.
    • It does NOT bend or twist at the shank—the part that goes under your child’s arch in the middle of the foot.
    • The heel is firm and does not collapse when you pinch it on the sides.

    Other shopping hints are to take your child along and have them try on the shoe. Have feet measured each time, as kids’ feet change quickly, and fit to the bigger foot. Ask them if the shoes pinch or rub anywhere, or your child will constantly be kicking them off and running barefoot because they irritate his or her feet. Check current shoes for wear patterns that may give you (or a trained salesperson) clues about what styles might be best for your kid’s feet.

    Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates can tell you if your child has any special foot characteristics to work around. Even better, we have our own store at our Palm Coast location! You can reach The Right Fit Shoe Store at (386) 313-5953 for more information.

  • How do I know if my shoes are fitting properly?

    The easy answer to finding great shoes is to come in to Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates’ new shoe store at our Palm Coast, FL, office and let us fit you! We offer two shoe lines that are quality-crafted to give the support, roominess, and cushioning your busy feet need. We follow all the common-sense tips for properly fitting shoes:

    • Measuring your feet
    • Matching shoe size to the larger foot
    • Leaving space at the front
    • Choosing styles that are shaped like your foot and don’t pinch anywhere
    • Making sure they are wide enough for the ball of the foot to fit comfortably
    • Checking that your feet don’t slip on and off your heel when you walk
    • Choosing pairs with soft, flexible uppers, solid soles, adequate arch support, and low heels

    Your part is trying them at home on carpeting for a couple of days to make sure there aren’t any problems. We believe that making sure you have good shoes is part of effective treatment for your foot issues. Come in to our Palm Coast, FL office today, or call (386) 586-7373 for an appointment, and let us keep your feet happy!

  • What are custom orthotics?

    You can buy shoe inserts in a pharmacy or department store for various foot issues. However, custom orthotics are inserts for your shoes that are designed from a mold or digital scan of your foot to address your particular foot shape and function. They are only available after an examination by a medical professional, such as those at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates, who prescribe them specifically for you.

    There are two basic types: accommodative—providing softer cushioning to treat things like diabetic foot ulcers or calluses that pain you; and functional—firmer supports that work to correct abnormal motion of your foot structure. They address issues like flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, and metatarsalgia, and are very effective at bringing relief from your pain. Call our office in Daytona Beach today at (386) 274-3336, or check our website for a location closer to you, and put an end to your discomfort.

  • What should I look for in shoes for seniors?

    Here are some tips to follow when shopping for shoes for seniors:

    Go in the afternoon or evening to find shoes that will fit even when your feet swell during the day. Wear the socks you will use, and get your feet measured each time, because feet change in shape and size as you age.

    Make sure the shoes are sturdy. If you squeeze the heel, it should feel firm and not collapse. You shouldn’t be able to twist the shoe in the middle, but the toe area should be a bit flexible. It should also have room for your toes to lie flat without being pressured or pinched.

    Your shoes should feel comfortable right away, and they should help you feel steady on your feet. Walk around in them for five minutes or more. When you remove them, check for redness on your feet that would indicate pressure spots.

    For more information, or for help with any foot concern you have, call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Orange City, FL, at (386) 775-2281, or one of the other locations listed on our website. We want your feet to grow old with you—gracefully and free of pain.