Can you treat hammertoes?

There are many treatments for hammertoes that will help relieve your pain. Start with shoe choice. Make sure the toe boxes are wide and high enough to accommodate the bent joint. Keep the heels fairly low, as well—2 inches or less works well. This keeps your foot from being shoved toward the front and cramping the toe in a bent-up position.

You can buy donut pads that encircle the pointed joint and keep the pressure off from it. Metatarsal pads can also help with this if they are used correctly. You can use ice packs and gentle massage to reduce discomfort.  In the early stages, buddy taping or splinting may help keep the toes straight. We can teach you exercises to help loosen or strengthen opposing muscles, so they are able to hold your toe in a better position. In cases where other remedies don’t work, surgery may be the answer.

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