Can neuropathy be treated?

Nerve damage is caused by many conditions, so neuropathy treatment depends on your specific situation, but yes—this condition can be treated. If your problem is due to vitamin deficiency, it can be addressed with diet and supplements. For pain from pressure on a certain nerve, physical therapy, injections, and surgeryare possible options. When an autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis is the cause, treating the underlying condition can bring relief to your nerve pain as well. If you have shingles, early injections can avoid letting it progress to a more serious neuralgia.

With peripheral neuropathy from diabetes, the best treatment requires you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, because the nerve damage from diabetes is usually not reversible. Medication is often used to address the pain and control other nerve reactions, but these may have undesirable side effects. At Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates, we are using a new technology called Neurogenx that is providing good results using analgesic blocs and electrical stimulation.

There is hope for nerve pain relief! Call our office in Daytona Beach, FL, at (386) 274-3336 or Palm Coast at (386) 586-7373 to learn more about this new way of treating neuropathy.