Can I still run with shin splints?

While you can run with shin splints, the real question is, should you? The answer to that is “probably not.” Resting from activity is better.

This pain in the front of your lower leg is usually brought on by doing too much before your muscles and tendons are conditioned. That’s why it is common in new military recruits and beginning runners—or those who suddenly add hills to their workout.

Your shin bones bend slightly when you land on your feet. If you feel twinges of pain, the bone likely has some damage. Continuing to run on it without giving it time to heal can make it worse, and even result in a stress fracture.

Rest and ice your shins to relieve pain, and then call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in east Florida for an appointment to see what is causing your problem. Weak calf muscles and hip abductor muscles can increase your risk for shin splints, so maybe you need to work on those. We’ll identify the root cause and design a treatment plan to get you on your feet again. Call our Orange City, FL, office at (386) 775-2281 or one of our other locations near you.