Relieving Your Foot Care Stress and Concerns

When you’re feeling lousy or have inexplicable pain, not knowing the reason behind it can make the discomfort seem that much worse. However, before you fall into the paranoid well of online diagnosis, allow us—the professionals—the chance to answer your questions and relieve your concerns. Our extensive knowledge and experience with all types of foot-related problems not only can help you understand your pain, but also can convince you to get the proper treatment. Come see what we have to offer.

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  • Do I have a sprained ankle?

    Check for the following sprained ankle symptoms to determine whether you have this injury. First, notice any pain around the joint. It can range from mild to severe when you stand or move your foot around. Second, look for swelling, especially around the bone on the outside of your ankle. Third, see if there is skin discoloration from bruising. Finally, notice whether the joint looks inflamed (red) or feels warm.

    If you can’t stand on it, have a lot of swelling, or are in extreme pain, don’t wait. Come into Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates for an examination. We want to make sure the ligament is not torn and there are no fractures. With digital X-rays right in our office and treatment for acute injuries within 24 hours, we are your one-stop shop for urgent care of ankle injuries, saving you an expensive trip to the ER. Call (386) 274-3336 in Daytona Beach, or check for our four other convenient locations on our website. Ankle sprains need to heal correctly to avoid ongoing weakness and future problems, so come to the experts and start the road to recovery right away.