Why Do I Have a Big Bump on the Side of My Foot?

If you are asking yourself this question you may have a bunion. Bunions are common foot conditions that vary in severity. Bunions can be quite small with little to no pain. However, bunions with time can increase in severity and become very painful. Bunions are bony prominences that appear as bumps located on the base of the first toe towards the inside of the body.

There are a range of risk factors in developing bunions including biomechanics of the foot, rheumatoid arthritis, and genetics. Bunions are more common in women, including Oprah, who has been known to show up on set without her shoes because of the pain she’s experiencing from her bunions.

When bunions become symptomatic, they will often be irritated with the pressure of shoe gear that is not wide enough to accommodate the bump. In addition to pain, you may also have symptoms of redness and swelling. At your podiatrist’s office, your podiatrist will obtain a thorough history and physical. X-rays will also be taken to evaluate certain angles formed by the bones in your foot. Bunions can be treated conservatively with NSAIDs to handle any pain. Also your podiatrist can create or provide padding to take the pressure off the bunion in shoe gear. Wider shoe gear can also eliminate symptoms as the shoe box will not be rubbing up against the bony prominence. Orthotics may help fix any biomechanical issues causing pressure on the bunion and may help prevent an increase in severity.

If conservative measures are not successful at alleviating pain, surgery may be the best option. Using the X-rays and certain angles measured, the best surgery to correct the deformity and prevent recurrence can be chosen. After surgery, you will most likely be able to walk with a post-op shoe and crutches. For the first couple of weeks weight bearing should be as tolerated. Overall bunions are very common and surgeries for them are quite routine with little complications.

If you have questions about your bunion, the physicians at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates are the experts on bunions and bunion surgery and are happy to examine your foot to decide what is the best treatment option for you. We have offices conveniently located in Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Orange City.

Photo Credit: Byrev via Pixabay.com

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