Ugly Toenails? Try Our Product of the Month: Keryflex!

Summer is just around the corner…this means open toe shoes, sandals, maybe even some full foot naked-ness! Unfortunately, many people are embarrassed by the appearance of their nails due to ugly, unsightly nail fungus.

Keryflex is a topical gel that is often used in conjuction with laser therapy for toenail fungus.  Laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment with no side effects and is over 85% effective.  Unfortunately it can take 6 - 12 months for the new, healthy nail to completely grow out.  When Keriflex is applied to a nail affected with nail fungus after laser treatment, your toenails look beautiful immediately!  It takes about 15 minutes in the office and is 100% painless!  Stop being embarrassed by your toenails and start showing them off!

We are the expert in toenail fungus and are proud to announce that we offer Laser Therapy for toenail fungus in our Daytona Beach office location. You can also try Keryflex without Laser Therapy if you just want to improve the ways your toenails look.  Click here to visit and learn more about how these treatments may benefit you!  Or call (386) 274-LASER (5273) to schedule an appointment.

Before KeryflexAfter Keryflex

     Before Keryflex                                      After Keryflex             

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