Tips to Avoid Foot Pain from Biking

May is National Bike Month – a celebration of biking that includes Bike to Work Week, Bike to School Day, and CycloFemme events that honor and empower women’s cycling. Why not join in? Get up a few minutes earlier for work and leave your car in the garage. Cycling is fun, economical, and good exercise, too! Take note, though. You might not think you could get foot pain from biking, but it is possible unless you follow a few guidelines. Here’s how to keep your feet safe.

Cyclists put a lot of emphasis on selecting the correct bicycle, but finding the right shoes is almost as important. Don’t just slip on a pair of flip flops and think you’ll be fine. For one thing, they could come loose and get caught in the pedal. For another, they provide no support for your arch. When cycling, you need footwear with a rigid shank under the arch. Sneakers and sandals won’t do the trick. Without that rigid support, your arch collapses as you press on the pedals, and you will end up with pain in your arch, stretched tendons, and possibly burning pain in the ball of your foot where it presses down. You could even end up with numb toes from pinched nerves!

If you normally wear orthotic supports in your shoes, use them when you bike, too. Take time to stretch the muscles that you use when pedaling—your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles—both before and after a ride. Also, get expert advice on the correct positioning of your seat and handlebars.

If you have foot pain from biking, don’t wait to have it checked out. Call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Orange City, FL, at (386) 775-2281, or check our website for other office locations and phone numbers. We treat acute injuries in 24 hours (48 on weekends) and have in-office digital X-rays to save you another stop. Happy cycling!

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