The Best Shoes After Surgery

Victoria Beckham may be paying the price for her high heel habit: it seems surgery may be the only way to relieve her bunion pain. The craze for these towering styles has ladies doing strange things—like having their pinky toes removed to fit those pointed shoes better. While podiatrists do not recommend foot surgery for purely cosmetic reasons like this, sometimes surgery is necessary if your bunions are making you miserable and nothing else seems to help. But what about shoes after surgery? Will you go back to your old habits or pick a pair that is good for your feet?

Immediately following surgery, you may need to wear a surgical boot or shoe. They are adjustable and have features that cushion and relieve pressure on the incision or wound. Your feet will likely swell after surgery, so shoes need to be roomy enough not to cramp your feet as they enlarge. You also want to be sure not to wear anything that would twist your foot out of position as it heals.

Even if you don’t need a surgical shoe or boot, it may be a while before you are able to wear your normal shoes again. In the meantime, find a comfortable athletic shoe that has the correct support for your foot style and plenty of room for swollen feet or bandages. Stay away from sandals or flats that don’t support your arch and increase your chance of re-injury. Once your foot is fully healed, make wise shoe choices that reduce the risk that the problem will recur. There are many styles that are sensible and attractive, so your feet don’t have to suffer pain to be stylish.

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