Swing through Neuroma Pain

Daytona Beach is surrounded by a dozen or more great golf courses and is beginning to rank as one of the top golfing areas in the nation. Why not take advantage of the weather and set up a round this weekend? If you are a golfer, you may realize what the game can do to your back, shoulders, or elbows, but you may not be aware that it can also cause problems with your feet. When nerves in your feet are pinched from overuse injuries, neuroma pain can bring on a lot of bogeys.

Admit it­­—one reason you play golf is that you enjoy walking along the beautiful green courses. Walking is great exercise, but if you do too much of it, especially if your shoes don’t fit right or give you the correct support, you can end up with Morton’s neuroma. This swelling or growth of the nerve occurs between the third and fourth toes when the nerve is pinched from tight shoes, overuse, or poor mechanics during your swing.

Symptoms include pain under the front of your foot behind your middle toes, and a feeling as though there is something under your foot—like a stone or a bunched up sock. It can also lead to numbness in your toes, or sharp shooting pains. We can advise pain relievers for the pain, but it’s more important to correct the issues causing it. Proper shoes are a good start, but custom orthotics can be an effective treatment to provide proper cushioning and compensate for irregular foot mechanics.

Score a hole-in-one by finding relief from your neuroma pain. Call Atlantic Foot and Ankle Associates in Daytona Beach at (386) 274-3336, or check the website for additional locations and phone numbers. Treating neuromas is one of our specialties, and our expert podiatrists will help you get to the root of your discomfort and set up a treatment plan just for you. Call today!

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