Rid Your Toenails of Stubborn Nail Fungus

What is Nail Fungus?

Fungus Nails is an unsightly infection of the nails, causing thickened, brittle, yellow, discolored and sometimes painful nails. It is very difficult to cure. It is caused by one of several microscopic organisms, similar to those that cause Athlete's Foot (dermatophytosis). These are plant-like organisms that thrive in a dark, warm, moist environments such as within shoes and stockings. They grow in the nail bed, beneath your nails, and live off Keratin, the protein in the nail.



What Causes Nail Fungus?

  • Bruised or damaged nails

  • Exposing nail to contaminated areas- locker rooms, bathtubs, swimming pools

  • Sweaty shoes or socks

  • Sharing contaminated nail instruments- nails cutters, nail polishes, cuticle cutters


What Does It Look Like?


Toenail fungus can look very different. Some fungus are black, some are dark white and some are even yellow or greenish. In addition, cracked, dry, brittle or broken nails can be a sign of nail fungus. To be properly diagnosed and determine the best treatment, make an appointment with your podiatrist!  
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