Ready for Achilles Tendon Repair

If you are sitting home with a ruptured Achilles, you may be missing out on the 2015 Daytona Beach Bike Week March 6 – 15, 2015. From the exciting opening EnduroCross events to the Monster Energy Supercross and more, it is fun to see the amazing skills these riders have. A torn tendon can leave you out of lots of activities besides Bike Week—including just walking up stairs—so maybe you should consider an Achilles tendon repair to get you back in action.

There are some important considerations to determine if you are ready for this surgery. There are always risks with any surgical procedure, and these are compounded if you smoke, have an infection, have diabetes, or are taking steroids for another problem. In such situations, we may just use a cast or splint to immobilize your ankle until the tendon heals. However, this treatment makes you more liable for a repeat injury.

If your injury is causing a lot of pain, numbness, or an inability to walk normally, and you want to return to doing the activities you enjoy, surgery is your best option. It is usually an outpatient procedure done under local or general anesthesia. We make one or more small incisions, stitch the tendon together, and check for other tissue damage, before closing the incision and applying a dressing.

You will need to wear a cast or splint until the tendon is fully healed—plan on several weeks to three months. Two crucial aspects of recovery are following our instructions on weight-bearing and wound care, and doing the physiotherapy we prescribe. We can partner together for your Achilles tendon repair and restore it to full use.

Call Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates in Daytona Beach, FL, at (386) 274-3336 and set up an appointment so we can evaluate your injury and determine whether you are ready for tendon surgery. We have four other offices in the region as well, so check our website for one more convenient for you. Let our expert surgeons get you back on your feet, so you don’t miss any more of the fun!

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