Quick and Easy Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Are your sore feet keeping you from enjoying fun outings like the 5th Annual Mutt Strutt 5K on the Beach? Your favorite canine is invited to this fund raiser for Halifax Humane Society, but if walking along as they put their paws on the beach gives you pause (pun intended), it’s time for you to try these hints for plantar fasciitis pain relief, so you can be ready to have some fun with your best friend.

  • Check your shoes to make sure they haven’t worn out and still offer good support. Use an extra insert if needed to provide adequate arch support.
  • Stretch out your plantar fascia. Stretching your toes back against your shins and performing various calf muscle stretches can improve flexibility and cut back the pain. If you do it before getting out of bed, those first steps won’t hurt so much.
  • Use ice (after stretching) to reduce inflammation, or massage with a frozen golf ball, working on specific spots and then rolling over the entire sole.
  • Rest from painful activity until the fascia heals. If you don’t, you will continually reinjure the ligament and pain will become chronic.
  • Keep your weight under control; your feet will hurt less if there is less stress on them from carrying those extra pounds.

Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so quick and easy, but we can help you find an eating and exercise plan that works for you. If you’ve been hesitating about seeking our help for arch or heel pain because you think it will mean surgery, think again. Most of our preferred treatments for this condition are conservative, including effective newer technologies like ultrasound or shockwave therapy.

Don’t wait for the dog days of summer to get out and get active. Call us for more tips on plantar fasciitis pain relief and start your recovery journey today. You can reach us at (386) 274-3336 in Daytona Beach, or check our website for additional east Florida locations and phone numbers. You can also ask for our free book You Deserve Heel Pain Relief on our homepage and request an appointment there as well.

Photo Credit: tomwieden via pixabay.com

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