Prevent Fungal Infections to Keep Nails Nice

If you love paintballing, grab some friends and try your luck at X-Plex Paintball on Hwy 44 east of Edgewater, FL. Our bazooka field uses harmless foam balls suitable for the under 10 crowd. If you’d rather crouch behind obstacles in our field by the lake or defend the fort in the woods, though, be prepared to endure the zings and welts of paint balls for your fun! The trick is being able to identify the enemy and target it. Your body has to do the same thing to fight off or prevent fungal infections in your toes.

Fungus is present all over and can be hard to avoid. Unfortunately, some people have an immune system that fails to identify the fungus as an enemy, or becomes so accustomed to it that it no longer fights it off. In addition, the spores can survive for a while until the conditions for growth are ripe, and then grow rapidly. That’s why eliminating and preventing fungal infections is so difficult.

A combination of treatments will be your best bet. Start by keeping your feet clean and dry. Your footwear—both shoes and socks—should be designed to keep them as dry as possible, too, because fungus likes dampness. Don’t do anything that could cause an opening in your skin, like cutting cuticles or trimming your nails too short. It is best not to wear polish, either. You should always have something on your feet to protect them in public areas where fungus may be more prevalent. The spores can live in your shoes, so treat them with anti-fungal sprays or powders and let them dry out completely (24 hours) before wearing them again.

If your toenail does become infected, make sure you wash your hands after touching it, because the infection can spread to other nails or skin that you touch. If you use medication to treat your nails, apply it for a week or two after the symptoms disappear, and once or twice a week after that, to prevent fungal infections from reoccurring. For a serious infection, contact the experts atAtlantic Foot & Ankle Associates to discuss more effective remedies. Prescription strength creams, oral medications, and laser treatments are all options to beat the infection and help healthy nails grow. Call our Edgewater office at (386) 957-4818 or one of our four other locations for an appointment today.

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