Morton's Neuroma: Don't Suffer Any Longer

Recently singer Chely Wright has been recovering from surgery on various foot problems including what podiatrists call Morton’s neuroma.  Morton’s neuroma refers to a swelling or thickening along the nerve between the third and fourth toes.  Morton’s neuroma can be a very painful condition but may also be associated with feelings of tingling and numbness.  Often this pain is localized to the area around the ball of the foot.  At first the pain may be periodic or only with activities that irritate the foot and place pressure on the ball of the foot such as running and jumping.  The pain may also occur when wearing shoes that constrict the toes.  The pain may increase in frequency and magnitude with time.

An exact cause of Morton’s neuroma has not been identified; however, certain risk factors have been.  One of the risk factors for Morton’s neuroma is wearing shoes that are very narrow in the toe box as well as high heels that tend to place pressure on the toes.  People with certain foot conditions are also shown to have a higher chance of having Morton’s neuroma including those with bunions, flat feet, and hammerdigits.   Foot injuries can also lead to an increased chance of Morton’s neuroma.

A Morton’s neuroma can be treated in a variety of ways, often depending on the extent of pain.  For less severe cases of Morton’s neuroma treatment can include a change in shoe wear with a wider toe box or lower heel and possibly padding or orthotics to reduce the pressure placed on the nerve.   Anti-inflammatory drugs may also help reduce pain.  In more severe cases, corticosteroid or alcohol shots may be added to alleviate the pain.  If these attempts are not successful, surgery is an option. 

If you are suffering from pain associated with Morton’s neuroma, schedule an appointment with Atlantic Foot and Ankle Associates to find out which treatment option works best for you.  Atlantic Foot and Ankle has four convenient office locations in Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, and Orange City, Florida.  Ditch those Kim Kardashian heels and let us help you find comfort for your feet!

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