Matt Schaub suffers Lisfranc Injury: Treatment Options for Painful Foot Injury

“Matt Schaub — who guided the Texans to a four-game winning streak, a 11/2-game lead in the AFC South and a 7-3 record that's tied with Pittsburgh for the best in the AFC — will be lost for the season if he elects to undergo surgery to repair the injury to the Lisfranc joint in his right foot. Before making a decision on season-ending surgery, Schaub will consult foot specialists in Indianapolis and Charlotte, N.C., next week.”


A Lisfranc injury can be in the form of a fracture, joint dislocation or ligament tear combination. The Lisfranc joint is located on the top middle of the foot straight back from the second toe. This injury is usually associated with a tremendous force loaded to the foot while the foot is in a fixed position or planted firmly. The large majority of non-athletic Lisfranc injuries occur from car accidents when the foot is violently forced into the floor board of the car or a fall from a height. These injuries mostly can be diagnosed by x-rays and clinical examination. The foot is swollen and pain elicited with near every step. The x-rays usually consist of comparison of the injured and uninjured foot. The Lisfranc injury can be a very subtle fracture or gapping necessitating an MRI to allow visualization of the bone and soft tissue in much finer detail.

Simple treatment may involve supportive wrapping, ice, elevation, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and a walking boot for 2-4 weeks. More complex injuries may need anatomic realignment of the disrupted joint by means of surgery involving screws and surgical hardware. A history of a Lisfranc injury may predispose a patient to early arthritis of the Lisfranc joint necessitating the need for good supportive shoes and arch supports with most activities. Severe joint pain associated with a neglected or old Lisfranc injury may need fusion of the painful joint.

Many different approaches to Lisfranc injuries are available at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Associates in Port Orange, FL. If you feel you are suffering from a new or old Lisfranc injury, let us know and we will immediately start treatment helping you recover.

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