On a weekly basis I see new patient’s foot pain secondary to their bunions. Changing of shoe gear, anti-inflammatory medications, change in activity, arch supports, and even cortisone injections can help with symptoms, however, what does one do when these conservative measures fail?  If the great toe has continued to shift toward the second toe and the bunion has made it more and more difficult to wear shoes, surgical treatment may need to be considered.

Bunion surgery is different for each patient. Not all bunions are the same. There are actually different reasons why the bunion has formed. There is a strong genetic predisposition for bunions, however, some can be acquired overtime from injury, poorly supportive shoes, and medical conditions.

Surgery varies depending on multiple clinical and X-rays findings. The surgeryshould be custom to the patient to correct deformity, significantly reduce pain, and prevent reoccurrence.

One to two hours in the operating room is required in the same day surgery setting. You can expect to be inactive for three to five days. Most patients are able to walk on their heel slowly the first day.

The first visit, three to five days after surgery, is to change the bandage and check on the swelling. Two weeks after surgery the sutures are removed. The bone continues to heal over the next six to eight weeks. Light duty activity in a special shoe or boot is needed while the bone is healing. Typically at seven to eight weeks, normal athletic type shoe gear is well tolerated with a significant increase in activity.

If pain and deformity exists with you bunion, surgery may be a wonderful option to correct and decrease foot pain. Please set up a consultation to see what we may have to offer you.

If you are suffering from pain caused by a bunion, please do not wait to see a podiatrist.  The physicians at Atlantic Foot and Ankle Associates take a conservative approach for all types of injuries.   Make an appointment at one of our four offices conveniently located in Palm Coast, Orange City, Daytona Beach, and Port Orange and get back to walking pain free!

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