Hit Baseball Injuries Out of the Park

Are you planning to take in a game this weekend as the Daytona Cubs battle Brevard County? Besides cheering on your favorite minor league baseball team, a towel giveaway and fireworks are also a part of the fun. It’s no fun when someone gets hurt, though. Baseball injuries happen—whether in major or minor league, adult rec league, or Little League games. If you play, be on the watch for these common injuries and know how to get them treated.

Ankle sprains can occur while fielding or running the bases. A crooked step, a slam into second base, or a diving catch can all twist your ankle beyond its normal motion, causing the ligaments to stretch or tear. A sprain is not something to play around with. Let us evaluate it and put you on a treatment plan so you can heal properly and avoid re-injury or ankle problems later.

Overuse or training too hard can lead to problems such as Achilles tendinopathy, heel pain from plantar fasciitis, or calcaneal apophysitis. If you get hit by a ball or slam into another player, you can end up with contusions (bruises) that turn all colors of the rainbow and are very tender. Baseball cleats often have fit problems and can squeeze your forefoot, aggravating neuromas, bunions, hammertoes, and problems with your sesamoid bones. Pain from such conditions can severely limit your activity. Many conservative treatments are available—from icing to orthotics to shockwave therapy—to get you back in the game again.

It is wise to visit the experts at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates if you hurt your feet or ankles playing baseball. We have digital X-rays available right in the office, and will treat any acute injuries within 24 hours (48 on weekends). Sports injuries are one of our specialties. We know how athletics can hurt your lower limbs and we also know how to fix them. Give us a call in Daytona Beach at (386) 274-3336 or check our website for other locations and phone numbers.

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