Heel Pain Surgery

Spring Break at Daytona Beach is in full swing, with just a few days left for volleyball and Frisbee tournaments on the beach, surfing or jet skiing the waves, or dancing the night away at a local club. Some of the tourists that visit our area may head home with more than a tan. Heel pain can strike after months spent indoors up north--the sudden increase in activity can aggravate foot problems. Just like the spring breakers, you should pay attention to your feet so that heel pain surgery doesn’t have to be in your future.

Many things could be causing your heel pain, from plantar fasciitis or heel spurs to Achilles tendon problems. If you don’t overdo, you may be able to manage these conditions conservatively with rest, icing to reduce pain and swelling, and stretching to keep your muscles and tendons supple. Other conservative treatments include orthotics or night splints, cortisone injections, or physical therapy.

If the pain does not subside, though, surgery may be the best option. If you experience an acute injury, visit Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates for expert diagnosis and care. We treat acute injuries within 24 hours (48 on the weekend), and heel pain is one of our specialties. With digital X-rays available right in our office, and can quickly determine exactly what is causing your discomfort and the best way to treat it. We also offer EPAT as a non-invasive, conservative treatment with no down time. If heel pain surgery is needed, we will walk you through each step.

Contact our Daytona Beach office at (386) 274-3336, or check our website for locations in Port Orange, Palm Coast, Orange City, or Edgewater, FL. For more information, visit our Florida Heel Pain Center page. We want you to enjoy life—during Spring Break and always—without foot pain.

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