Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease: Conditions Affecting the Foot and Ankle

Recently in different parts of the country including Alabama and California, there has been an outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD). Typically this condition affects children but also has the potential to affect adults as well. Commonly the disease is seen affect classes of preschools or daycares. HFMD can be caused by several viruses, commonly coxsackievirus A16.

Once the disease has been contracted it will take about three to seven days to see symptoms. Signs and symptoms usually begin with fever and malaise. A day or two after the onset of the fever, small red spots that will become blisters and then sores or ulcers will appear in the mouth. Often with these lesions there can be associated sore throat and decreased appetite. A rash will then appear on the skin on the palms of hands and soles of feet which may as well turn into blisters and sores. The rash may also be present around the calf.

The disease spreads by direct contact often through oral secretions or stools and can even be spread weeks after the disease seems to have resolved. Thorough washing of hands as well as avoiding close contact and sharing food or utensils with someone affected can help to prevent the spread of the disease or at least decrease the chances of contracting the disease.

There is no certain treatment for the disease since it will commonly resolve on its own in about seven days. However to alleviate pain and fever NSAIDs or Tylenol can be used. Over the counter medicines and sprays can also be used to alleviate any pain of the throat. As far as complications, one of the more common complications of the disease mostly in younger children is fingernail and toenail loss. However the nails do grow back with time.

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