Find Out If Your Ankle Pain Is Achilles Tendinitis

With rookie Aaron Gordon’s sore foot and Tobias Harris’ knee injury, the Orlando Magic has had to do some shuffling around lately. It is always fun for Floridians to watch the in-state rivalry between the Magic and the Miami Heat and cheer on our favorite team, as the Magic Dancers do at every game. Here’s one thing besides basketball that both the players and the dancers could have in common: Achilles tendinitis. It’s a common injury in basketball and dancing alike, especially when the dancers perform in spike-heeled boots!

This injury to the Achilles tendon usually happens from overuse, which causes the tissue to swell up and become irritated and inflamed. Runners and athletes (or dancers) who jump and land on their feet a lot are more at risk, but anyone can experience the pain of this condition. In fact, weekend warriors often overdo it and damage their legs and feet, which aren’t used to the sudden stress.

How do you tell if you have Achilles tendinitis? Here are a few clues:

  • Pain behind your ankle at the top of the heel bone. It often is worse when you climb hills or stairs, or the day after you’ve done unusual, strenuous exercise.
  • Swelling of the heel cord, along with morning stiffness that may dissipate throughout the day. The area could also feel warm and have some redness.
  • Weakness in that leg, or an inability to rise on your toes, which could indicate a tear or rupture.
  • You might be able to hear a crackling sound when you move your ankle, or feel some bumpiness from scar tissue if you run your fingers along the tendon.

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should have us check it out at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates. If the pain is sudden and severe, and you can’t point your toes or stand on tiptoe, don’t wait. Call us right away, as we offer treatment within 24 hours (48 on weekends) for acute injuries. Contact us at our Orange City office by calling (386) 775-2281, or at one of our other four east Florida locations at the numbers listed on our website.

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