Diabetic Foot Health: Eat This, Not That

Diabetes is no respecter of persons: George Lucas of Star Wars fame, Mike Sinclair of the NFL, and rapper Ghostface Killah all have the disease. The rapper even started a non-profit organization—Making Diabetes Ghost—that he hopes will help others affected by diabetes. If you have Type 1 diabetes, insulin treatment will always be a part of your life. Many people with Type 2 diabetes, however, are able to control their glucose levels with diet and exercise, and maintain control without medication. Wise food and exercise choices can lead to good sugar levels—and diabetic foot health, too.

So what are wise choices? You have probably heard them before: whole grains like oatmeal and whole wheat bagels instead of sugary cereals or cookies; lots of vegetables, especially green ones like broccoli or yellow-orange ones like squash in the place of corn or peas; beans like pinto and garbanzo (yummy hummus, anyone?) instead of fatty meats; fruits for dessert or snack instead of candy or cake; and low-fat dairy instead of ice cream.

As for the exercise, don’t ride when you can walk. Take a bike ride after supper, and take time for stretching and strength training to build strong muscles and increase your metabolism. Exercise increases your circulation (which diabetes can hamper) and helps you maintain a healthy weight, thereby reducing the stress on your feet and ankles. It can also reduce stress and make you more relaxed, so the monitoring you need to do won’t seem overwhelming.

Diabetic foot health is one of our specialties at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates, and we can give you many more tips for dealing with the disease and caring for your feet. Making sure your feet are healthy can make the difference between enjoying a normal life in spite of diabetes, and being unable to do your daily activities. Contact our office in Daytona Beach, FL at (386) 274-3336 or in Edgewater FL at (386) 957-4818, and put your feet under our expert care.

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