Back-to-School Sports Injuries - Q&A

Q. What are the most common foot and ankle injuries associated with summer and fall sports?

A. Sever’s Disease is an injury of the growth plate in the heel. This is one of the most common injuries in students who play summer and fall sports. Tendonitis and ankle sprains are extremely common as well.

Q. What are the common treatment methods for overuse injuries, such as Sever’s Disease and tendonitis?

A. The first step in treating an overuse injury, such as Sever’s Disease or tendonitis, is rest. Second, it’s important to immobilize the affected area, either by cast or walking boot. Applying ice, taking anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy can also be utilized to treat overuse injuries.

Q. When should someone with a foot or ankle injury, such as a bad sprain or fracture, visit a podiatrist instead of the ER or urgent care facility?

A. Podiatrists are the #1 providers of all lower-extremity care. Podiatrists are a one-stop-shop for all foot and/or ankle issues. They provide x-rays, ultrasound imaging, fitting and application of casts or boots, administering medication for pain and providing surgical procedures when necessary.

Q. When should someone with a comprehensive injury visit a podiatrist instead of an orthopedic surgeon?

A: Podiatrists are the #1 providers of all lower-extremity treatment. They specialize in reconstructive surgery of most foot deformities, including bunions, hammertoes and flat feet, as well as foot or ankle traumas, including ankle fractures, calcaneal fractures and metatarsal fractures.

Many people don’t know that podiatrists are also surgeons who can perform the same surgeries to the foot and ankle that orthopedic surgeons can perform.

Q. What can student-athletes, parents and coaches do to help athletes prevent foot and ankle injuries this season?

A. Setup a training system including a thorough warm up and significant stretching every day. Always wear good shoes that offer appropriate support for your sport. If you play soccer, wear soccer cleats. If you play baseball, wear baseball cleats.
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