Stepping Up Foot Care Awareness

When you’re in pain you may be willing to try anything to relieve that discomfort for even a few minutes. Unfortunately, some “remedies” can do more harm than good. Don’t make matters worse because you can’t tell the difference. Come learn the proper ways to identify foot and ankle problems as well as beneficial care techniques from those who have spent their lives in the field.

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  • What is Tendinitis? | Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates A tendon is a band of an elastic stretchy tissue that connects a muscle to a bone. The primary function of a tendon is to move a bone or a body part. Tendinitis is a deterioration of the elasticity, or stretchiness, of tissue due to wear and tear.
  • Back-to-School Sports Injuries - Q&A Learn more about common summer and sports injuries as kids go back to school. Podiatrists can provide a range of treatment options compared to the ER, urgent care clinic or orthopedic surgeon.
  • Watch for Common Tendon Injuries in Your Feet Some common tendon injuries could keep you from hiking or walking comfortably. The experts at Atlantic Foot & Ankle Associates can help you find relief.
  • Prevent Shin Splints to Run Pain Free If you have had trouble with shin splints in the past, it’s a good idea to mix up your activities a bit. Run one day, swim or bike the next, or do resistance work on alternate days.
  • When to Toss Your Running Shoes You will notice when the tread has worn down so it no longer gives the traction and protection you need. Even if the tread looks okay, the material used in the insole to support your midfoot may have lost its buoyancy,
  • Tips to Avoid Foot Pain from Biking You might not think you could get foot pain from biking, but it is possible unless you follow a few guidelines. Here’s how to keep your feet safe.
  • Hit Baseball Injuries Out of the Park whether in major or minor league, adult rec league, or Little League games. If you play, be on the watch for these common injuries and know how to get them treated.
  • Athlete Suffers With Ankle Injury A condition seen commonly in athletes and non-athletes of all ages with ankle injury is osteochondritis. An injury occurs with ankle trauma often in the form of a sprain or twisting.
  • MY SHINS HURT WHEN I RUN! What You Can Do If You Suffer From Shin Splints Shin splints are common injuries amongst athletes, especially those who run or play basketball, tennis, and soccer. Shin splints presents as pain in the lower leg below the knee either on the front or back of the leg that typically occurs with activity.
  • Footcare for Runners If you're a runner, it goes without saying that your feet take the brunt of the punishment. In fact, for runners the feet are more vulnerable to injury than any other part of the body.